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Color Splash

It’s officially summer! Wooh! Our summer class will start soon. Boo! Yes, we have summer class. Baduy.

So before we had this shoot we headed first to School(San Beda College Alabang) for an interview clearance. Well it wasn’t really a formal interview, we just have to fill up a paper asking for our personal infos. Then right after, we’ve wasted no time finding a nice location.

It was really hot, it was past 12:00 pm what do I expect. Haha! we walk and walk and walk and walk! unfortunately all the good location I know has no lilim can’t shoot cause the sun was really burning our skin(#BloggerProblems) then suddenly saw the abandoned resto near west gate! such a relief! Sigh.

Trivia: This resto was where I celebrated my 14th birthday.

As for my outfit. Yah I know it’s black It absorbs heat—that’s why I turned it into a cut-off shirt. Bumawi naman ako sa pants white kung white Haha! White reflects heat.


I wore: shirt (The Ranz Project), drop crotch pants (Oxygen), boat shoes (Bass), accessories (SM Accessories), snapback (Blackbite Apparel), sunnies (Cotton on).


Snapback from Blackbite Apparel | Pretty nice design for summer. It has all the vibrancy needed for the outfit not to look dull.


Shirt from The Ranz Project | That I turned into a cut-off shirt.


This panda looks like he ate a bunch of unicorns. 


Jogger pants? No! I just cuffed it with the help of my old socks—how? I’ll tell you soon. Well, it’s obvious naman how. Haha!


Boat shoes from Bass 


Photos by Carl Enciso

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Summer Sweats

School is finally over! but what are we going to do now? The excitement of getting out of school can quickly turn into boredom and frustration about having nothing to do. Don’t let this happen to you. Haha!

There are a lot of things to do this summer vacation. Go outside, ride a bike, hang out with your friends at the mall, even if you don’t have enough money to buy anything (No allowance during summer huhu!) I guarantee malls are crowded with teens this summer because of the unbearable heat—also a good way to make new friends.

And if your still bored……Go workout! Sign up for a gym membership! Not only you’ll have something to do and will be busy, you’ll also make your body fit and sexy woot woot!

Would you rather be covered in sweats at the gym, or covered in clothes at the beach? you choose! Haha!

So up here is an eight minutes workout motivation I made, Hope you’ll like it. Starring Me, Carl & Christian.

And here’s the episode of Ijuander, GMA 7 about fitness. Extra ko diyan intro, 28:25 and 34:50 onwards haha!




Make the most out of your summer vacation!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Le Petit Chéri

Can you see some old cobwebs covered with soot? Haha!

My blog has been Inactive due to many paper works for finals, so stressed, phew! finally It’s almost over—I just need to finish this reaction paper for humanities class then E-mail it to that professor tonight. 

Anyways here’s a food post for all foodies out there.

This night was also the night we had our dinner at Omakase, we wanted to eat dessert at a different resto so here we are. 



Eiffel tower everywhere! I felt like I’m in Paris when I stepped in. Haha!


Array of sweets! Yum!


Red Velvet Cake(145 php)—The sweetness was just right and the presentation of the cake itself was very nice too.


Strawberry, Salted Coffee, Mint Chocolate and Lemon Chocolate Macaroons(38 php each)—This is a French place, so yeah! These macaroons are kinda hard on the outside, but soft inside. Light as a feather and slightly crunchy. Sweet and delicious.


Strawberry Cronughts(90 php)


They also have shelves upstairs with books of all genres, how cool is that? I apologize I didn’t took even a single photo.


So guys, you already know where to go with your dates huh. BTW they also serve meals.


A very nice place to eat, chill and relax, I love everything I saw inside the restaurant very artistic.

Rating: 9/10


Alabang Unit 8, Molito Lifestyle Center, Madrigal Ave cor. Zapote Road, Alabang, Muntinlupa City


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